Disabilities Benefits

Work-Related Disabilities & Long-Term Disability Benefits

Payroll has received questions about how the District’s Long-Term Disability (LTD) insurance plan works when a disability is related to a Workers' Compensation claim. Here’s information that may be helpful:

Does the SEBB’s LTD insurance plan with The Standard insurance cover work-related disabilities?

Work-related injuries and illnesses may be covered by The Standard. The waiting period for LTD benefits is 90 calendar days, so any employee who expects to be disabled more than 90 days should file a separate LTD claim with The Standard through “SEBB My Account” when their disability begins, or as soon as possible thereafter. (Note: This only applies to Long Term Disability coverage.)

Can I get disability benefits from both The Standard and Workers’ Compensation at the same time?  

Log into “SEBB My Account” to determine coverage.