Human Resources

Who to Contact

Name Title Phone
Lori McStay Executive Director of Human Resources 253-583-5081
Shannon Angle Administrative Secretary 253-583-5087
Isela Bustillos District Receptionist 253-583-5000
Lori Liedes Supervisor of Recruitment and Substitute Services 253-583-5095
Krystal Portillo Recruitment Specialist 253-583-5082
Laurie Miner Manager of Human Resources 253-583-5096
Jennifer Tran Human Resources Specialist-Lead 253-583-5093
Lissette Smith Human Resources Specialist 253-583-5085
Sherri Nelson Human Resources Specialist 253-583-5099
Cherie Broeker Human Resources Specialist 253-583-5120 
Rosie Winters Substitute Coordinator 253-583-5094
Charity Dean Substitute Specialist 253-583-5097
Rachaele Winters COVID-19 Response Specialist 253-583-5013
 HR FAX    253-583-5088


Staff Assignments  

HR Staff Location Assignments