Leave Sharing FAQ

FAQs – Leave Sharing

Q. Does the District share details regarding my medical condition, when approving a leave share request?
A. No. The District does not share medical details when approving a leave share request. An approval for leave share is sent from Human Resources to Payroll for a date range in which employees may receive donations. This is when Payroll receives this approval, request is published into the Newsbrief. This gives all employees of the District an equal opportunity to donate sick leave on employee’s behalf. 

Q. Can the District tell me who has donated leave on my behalf?
A. No. The District does not share information with employees regarding the donor(s). We may share the amount (hours/days) received in donations.

Q. I have been off work due to a severe cold and flu and/or my family has been sick due to the flu, can I be considered for leave share for this time?
A.No. The leave share program is intended for medical conditions that are serious in nature. If you have been hospitalized due to serious complications of a flu or secondary sinus or upper respiratory infections, this may be an exception.    

Q. If I am approved for leave share and don't use all of my donations, can these remain available for me for another time?
A.No. Leave share donations are not taken from employees who have donated unless they are needed, during the leave share approval dates. If you are approved for leave share and are cleared by your doctor to return to work, your leave share approval ends. If your return to work needs to be extended for any reason or if you must return to work on a reduced schedule, your leave share approval may be extended.

Q. Can I use shared leave for pregnancy?
A.It depends. If employee is sick or temporarily disabled because of a pregnancy-related medical condition or miscarriage, an employee may apply for shared leave (e.g., bed rest due to high-risk, pregnancy-related complications).