Stefan Johnson

Stefan Johnson

Stefan Johnson

City and state: Jacksonville, NC

High school attended: Lakes High School

Graduation year: 1999

Colleges attended/degrees earned:

Associates degree in Hospitality and Fitness Management from Community College of the Air Force

Current career/job:

Special Operations, Air Force

Describe the path you took from high school graduation to where you are today:

I have spent 15 years Active Duty Air Force. I went into the Air Force two months after graduation. I was deployed eight times within that span. I held positions as a sports field manager and maintained the softball field for the Armed Forces Softball Championship. I also held positions as a dining facility shift manager, stock room manager, combat readiness instructor, anti-terrorism representative, personal trainer and building safety manager.

How did your experiences in Clover Park School District help prepare you for this path?

My experience at Lakes helped me break out of my shy personality and learn how to approach various people regardless of their background.

Who was the most influential teacher or administrator to you as a student in the district? Why?

Coach Stewart was a great mentor who taught you to reach for what you want. He was my PE teacher. I became versatile at every sport I played after high school. He also instilled a "never give up" attitude and said no one is going to feel sorry for you. He said that's why you have to work hard and dedicate yourself to what you want to be and where you want to end up in life.

Do you have any favorite memories from when you attended school in Clover Park School District?

My favorite memory when I attended school in CPSD is the DECA conferences I was able to attend. Not only were these an opportunity to learn more about how to present ideas to a real life company but more importantly, it taught me how to network with others and the importance of social capital. It's not just what you know; it is who you know.

What opportunities exist in your career sector for new graduates? Is postsecondary education required for this field?

My favorite memories were walking the halls at lunch and playing sports. I wasn't able to participate in any sports because of family reasons but I still follow Lakes High School sports, especially football and basketball.