Student Services

Student Services

Welcome to Student Services. Thank you for taking the time to visit our website. The goal of the Student Services Department in the Clover Park School District is to provide assistance to families, administrators, counselors, nurses, and school staff in meeting the needs of students. For a comprehensive list of all of the services provided by Student Services, please see...

Who to Contact

Name Position Phone
Greg Davis Executive Director of Compliance and Student Services 253-583-5154
Pam Jones Director's Secretary 253-583-5154
Taylor Velazquez  District Truancy Liaison, Title VI Native Am. Ed Prog, Mckinney-Vento and Foster Care Liaison 253-583-5156
Ashton Smitherman MV Support 253-583-5164
Aranka Holmes Public Information Record Coordinator 253-583-5158
Angie Laws Supervisor 253-583-5194
Shante Harvey Ombuds/Investigator 253-583-5147

Accident Reports

Both Risk Management and Student Services departments receive a copy of all completed accident reports. Parents may obtain a copy of this report by calling Risk Management at 583-5482.

Attendance Boundaries

Student Services manages the information regarding attendance boundaries, transfers into the district, transfers between schools in the district and release of attendance. Please contact us at 253-583-5154 for procedural information, necessary forms and information regarding paperwork received from other districts (such as release of attendance from the resident district). You may also email us at Pam Jones, Directors Secretary.

Waiver forms, including Release of Attendance, Non Resident Admission, and Transfer Between Clover Park Schools are located at the bottom of the page.

Bullying – Harassment, Intimidation & Bullying

CPSD is committed to providing a safe, inclusive learning environment for our students. Our schools work incredibly hard to build positive school cultures and teach curriculum that incorporates bullying prevention and social skills. The district also provides social emotional learning resources for families. 

Learn more about the district's bullying prevention information and reporting process

Child Abuse and Neglect Reports (CPS)

Schools send a written copy of all formal CPS reports made to either Madigan Social Services or Child Protective Services to the Student Services office.

Guidance and Counseling

Student Services has responsibility for development and implementation of the Guidance curriculum, contracted counseling services and the Safe and Drug Free Schools Grant.

Home School

Parents wishing to Home School their student(s) must file an Intent to Home School form annually by September 15, 2024 or within two weeks of the beginning of any public-school quarter, trimester or semester, with the public school district within which the parent resides.

2024-25 Home School Information and Intent to Home School form here.

Information about Online Public School Providers can be found here.

Native American Education Program (Title VI NAEP)

The Title VI NAEP, Native American Education program provides supplemental supports and activities not already provided in the classroom or other programs and supports the efforts of school districts, Indain  tribes and postsecondary institutions (colleges and universities). Opportunities for parent/guardian engagement also available through the Inter-Tribal Parent Education Advisor Circle (PEACe).

  • Educational values
  • Career awareness
  • Cultural awareness/guidance
  • Dropout prevention
  • Self-confidence building opportunities
  • Native American identity reinforcement
  • Community updates and awareness
  • Liaison between parents, students, teachers and the school
  • Inter-Tribal Parent Education Advisory Circle

To register a student into the program, a 506-Native American Eligibility Certification form must be summitted to Student Services, Taylor Velazquez [email protected], 253-583-5156.

Juvenile Offenders

Notices of Juvenile Offenders who are released to attend to school come to Student Services, who in turn notifies appropriate personnel including building principal.


The Ombuds/investigator works independently and collaboratively to create and mediate a culture of responsibility, trust, and cooperation between district staff, families, and community leaders in support of students learning at grade level and beyond to achieve their personal best.

Please contact the Ombuds at 253-583-5147 or [email protected]

Resources for Students

InvestED Fund and Lakewood Rotary funds are available for eligible students. Student Services sends out application information, procedures and forms to school counselors. The Student Services office must pre-authorize all expenditures.

Student Records / High School Transcripts

Student records retention and archiving information is managed through Student Services. Transcript requests are also processed in Student Services. To request a copy of your high school transcript, fill out the transcript request form and mail it, along with the $3.00 processing fee, to the address on the form.

Click here to view transcript ordering instructions and to obtain a copy of the transcript request form. If you still have questions after reading these instructions, please call (253) 583-5154 or email Pam Jones, Directors Secretary.

Title IX

Student Services can assist you with issues regarding any type of discrimination including sexual harassment and gender equity.


The Student Services Department works in collaboration with the Pierce County Juvenile Court Truancy Team to provide technical assistance on truancy issues, process, truancy petitions, and court hearings.  

Click here for Guidance from Washington State Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction


Student Services manages the waiver process, including the Application for Non-Resident Admission, Request for Transfer Between Clover Park Schools and Request for Release of Attendance. All waivers are submitted online by clicking the links below.

Please contact Pam Jones, Directors Secretary if you have any questions, please call us at 253-583-5154.

Waiver Forms and Procedures

Application for Non-Resident Admission – Parents/guardians submit the request by clicking the link and obtain a release of Attendance Choice Transfer from the resident school district. The school will inform the parent if their student is accepted or denied. If the parent does not know where to obtain a Release of Attendance form form their resident school district, see our list Release of Attendance List.

Between Schools Transfer – Parents/Guardians submit the transfer online by clicking the link. The receiving school will notify the parent/guardian the status of the transfer.

Request for Release of Attendance (Choice Transfer Request) –Parents/Guardians submit a Choice Transfer when leaving the district to attend another K-12 district in Washington.