Social Emotional Support

Hazel Health 

Clover Park School District has launched a new health services program, and we want to make sure your family has access to these services all year long. With parent or guardian permission, students can speak with a Hazel mental health professional right from school or at home.

To learn more about Hazel Health, please visit

Social Emotional Resources

Your student's social and emotional well-being and mental health are important, and we encourage students, staff, and families to seek out support if there are signs of physical, mental or emotional distress. Here are resources to assist you and your family: 


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The Imagine Neighborhood

This free podcast is designed to help kids and families tackle the big feelings that come with growing up.
Link to The Imagine Neighborhood

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Captain Compassion

In comics and with fun activities, our bullying prevention superhero shows how everyone can help stop bullying.
Link to Captain Compassion

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DIY SEL Summer Camp

Online summer camp that helps kids ages 1–14 learn social-emotional skills, science, social studies, math, and more!
Link to DIY SEL Summer Camp

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Mind Yeti

Practice mindfulness with free sessions designed for adults to do alongside children.
Link to Mind Yeti

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Hot Chocolate Talk

Our research-based how-to guide takes the guesswork out of what to say to your child about sexual abuse.
Link to Hot Chocolate Talk

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Free Second Step Activities
Activities for children ages 5–13 for remote learning or for families to do with kids.
Link to Free Second Step activities for children ages 5-13

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Little Children, Big Challenges

Help young children face significant challenges with videos, songs, family resources, and printable downloads
Link to Little Children, Big Challenges

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ParenTeen Connect

Real teens and their parents address hot-button topics to help others with useful advice, videos, and resources.
Link to ParenTeen Connect