Board Roles

Board of Directors
Roles & Responsibilities

The mission of Clover Park School District is to ensure each child learns what he or she needs to know to succeed and contribute to the community.

Functions of the Board

The Board's number one objective is to represent the educational needs of each child in the district

  • To hire the superintendent and conduct annual evaluations
  • Adopt the district's budget and monitor its fiscal soundness
  • Set policy, district strategy and long-term goals and objectives

School board members are directors

  • The heart of the Board's work is providing direction to the Superintendent regarding board goals for the district
  • The Board governs the district - it does not operate it
  • The Board's function is that of representing the values of the community - the beliefs, vision, goals and policies - by which the education system operates
  • Board members serve as a link between the district and community

Standard Operating Procedures

To function as a team:

  • Make decisions as a team
  • Strive to minimize surprises to the team at Board meetings with unexpected agenda items
  • Agree that the spokesperson for the team shall be the President
  • To be professional in our conduct:
  • Courtesy and respect toward all is modeled
  • Confidentiality is a legal responsibility
  • Differences are expected
  • Cooperation promoted
  • The reputation of the district is protected
  • The chain of command is honored
  • Accountability is expected
  • Ongoing professional development is encouraged
  • SOP governance codes are followed

Board Goals

  1. Student Achievement
  2. Community Engagement
  3. Communication with all Stakeholders
  4. Supportive Learning Environment
  5. Staff Retention, Recruitment and Professional Development

Role of Board President

  • Build a board team with One Voice
  • Meet collaboratively with superintendent and report back to Board
  • Lead public meetings
  • Facilitate Board policies and directives into action
  • Lead Board in annual self-evaluation
  • Ensure annual superintendent evaluations occur
  • Establish balance between appropriate school board oversight and potential micromanagement
  • Ensure that district work and school board goals are in alignment and focused on student achievement
  • Ensure that all school board members are involved in the work and vision of the Board

Role of Vice President

  • Fulfill the responsibilities of the Board president in his or her absence
  • Assist the Board in conducting Superintendent evaluations
  • Assist the Board in conducting Superintendent search, when needed

Role of Legislative Representative

  • Represent Board at legislative meetings
  • Represent Board at impact aid meetings when determined necessary
  • Fulfill role of Board president when both president and vice president are absent

The Board Pledge

The Board of Directors pledges to devote its full energies to its unique governance responsibilities and create an environment in which the Superintendent and employees of the district know and understand what the community expects of them and vigorously pursues those expectations to the very best of their abilities.

Sept. 2017