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Beachwood Elementary School 2019-20

Paula Gayson
8890 Concord Ave, JBLM Lewis North WA 98433 • 253-583-5260 Fax: 253-583-5268

Vision and Mission

Our vision is to empower students to become lifelong learners and engaged global citizens

To accomplish our vision we will focus on our mission:

  • Building a Strong Community
  • Owning Your Learning
  • Be engaged
  • Collaborate
  • A Positive Environment
  • Thinking is Visible
  • Support All Learners

Washington Report Cards Available

Washington State report cards provide school data at the state, school district and school building level. The report cards may be downloaded from the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction website here or by contacting the school at the number listed above.

District Mission

The mission of Clover Park School District is to ensure each child learns what he or she needs to know to succeed and contribute to the community.

Parent and Community Involvement

Parent and community engagement is key to student success. All parents, family and community members are invited to be involved in our school. We offer a variety of ways for interested individuals to support our students. Some examples include joining our parent organization, volunteer tutoring, chaperoning field trips, serving as a site council member and helping with school special events. Please contact us to learn more about getting involved with our school.

School Improvement Plan

The Beachwood staff has focused on meeting each child where they are and helping them improve at an accelerated rate. To achieve these goals, we have focused on intentionally engaging our students and making their thinking and understanding visible. Please visit our website to learn more about the specifics improvement plan strategies and our focus on using our mission to make our vision a reality.

Goal 1: Math
85% of our students will meet or exceed grade level in math and disparities among all sub-groups will be eliminated.

Goal 2: Literacy Goal
85% of our students will meet or exceed grade level in literacy and disparities among all sub-groups will be eliminated.

Goal 3: Professional Practices
As a result of intentional instructional practice, all students will grow academically a minimum of one year and students below grade level will grow academically a minimum of 1.5 years.

Facility Use and Condition

Our school is used throughout the school year during non-school hours by parents, community organizations and recreation groups. A facility use application is required for use of our facility and can be obtained by calling 253-583-7354. The general condition of our school is rated as excellent per the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction scoring guidelines.


2019-20 Clover Park School District Budget

Basic Education - $111,508,030 (50.8%)
Special Education - $33,534,087 (15.3%)
CTE - $5,594,936 (2.5%)
Other Education Programs - $25,364,650 (11.5%)
Community Services - $522,191 (0.2%)
Transportation - $7,984,583 (3.6%)
Food Services - $6,659,720 (3%)
Districtwide Support - $28,472,099 (13%)