Superintendent Receives Inaugural State Award

Superintendent Receives Inaugural State Learning from Leaders Award
Posted on 07/01/2024

Superintendent Ron Banner received the inaugural Learning from Leaders Award from the Washington Association of School Administrators (WASA) for his outstanding leadership of the Superintendent’s Youth Advisory Council (SYAC) and efforts to elevate student voice. 



This is the first year this award has been given and recognizes a WASA member’s exceptional leadership of an exemplary program from which other educational leaders can learn. Banner will receive a $5,000 grant to further enhance these innovative efforts.  



The SYAC, comprised of 35 high school students from Clover Park and Lakes high schools, Gravelly Lake K-12 Academy and Harrison Preparatory School, reflects the district's diversity and advises Banner on various matters related to their learning and educational experience. Over the last three years this student group has informed curriculum, districtwide events, youth wellness initiatives and staff development. Notably, SYAC members spearheaded six community service projects this past school year that included a statewide fentanyl awareness campaign.  



His model serves as an exemplary framework for other school districts seeking to empower student voices and foster community engagement. Banner and his team follow up with SYAC students and parents with feedback on the impact of their voice and work, and by doing so, students are aware of how their input is being used by the school district and able to directly benefit from it during their time in Clover Park schools.  


Banner’s program fosters service and leadership development of SYAC members. Four SYAC members were recently awarded WASA student leadership awards for their leadership of initiatives or programs that promote inclusivity, access, equity or social justice in their school and community. 


“The 2024 WASA state award recipients exemplify outstanding leadership, contributions and service to others and the students of Washington state each day,” WASA Executive Director Joel Aune stated. “Their work and the manner in which they go about it are shining examples of WASA’s commitment to educational equity and our core tenets of leadership, trust, and advocacy. WASA’s recognition program, supported by our generous long-time sponsors, aims to highlight powerful and inspiring stories of leadership and service in public education.” 


To be considered for the Learning from Leaders Award, the WASA member’s program must have significantly improved student learning; significantly increased student engagement; significantly improved student and staff safety; significantly increased student, staff, and parent understanding and engagement regarding diversity, equity, and inclusion; significantly increased parent or community engagement; or significantly addressed areas other than those identified.