Provide Input for New CPHS Mascot

Clover Park High School to Select a New Mascot Name
Posted on 12/08/2021
CPHS new mascot name
Clover Park High School is changing its current school mascot and expects to have a final name announced soon. The new mascot name will reflect the school’s Clover Creed values of community, perseverance, honor and scholarship. 


The school will review input received from students, staff, families, alumni and community before a final selection is made in December. While the mascot may change, the school culture and community will not.       
“This change provides us with an important opportunity for our school to create a new mascot that positively reflects our CPHS values, creed and culture," said Clover Park High School Principal Tim Stults. 
This mascot change aligns with recent legislation prohibiting the inappropriate use of Native American names, symbols or images as public school names, mascots, logos or team names. As part of this process, the school district consulted with the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction and the Puyallup Tribe, as well as gathered input from Native American staff, families and students.    
“We recognize that many Clover Park High School alumni are proud of their high school and associate their school mascot with school pride; however, based on SHB 1356, it is clear that the school’s current mascot must change,” Superintendent Ron Banner said. “Together we can build a new legacy of school pride unifying alumni and current CPHS students, staff and families.”
The school will immediately begin using its new mascot name while it replaces imagery, equipment, uniforms, signage and materials this school year.   
Please contact the Community Relations department at 253-583-5040 if you have questions regarding this process. 


Questions and Answers   Why does the school have to change its mascot name?    Recent legislation (SHB 1356) was passed prohibiting the inappropriate use of Native American names, symbols or images as public-school mascots, logos or team names. Efforts to remove Native American mascot names from public schools have been in motion since the early 1990s. The Washington State Board of Education passed a non-binding resolution urging schools to discontinue the use of Native American mascots. A similar resolution was passed in 2012 which resulted in some schools choosing to change their mascots, but the majority of schools did not. Although Clover Park High School discontinued using the Native American warrior costume as part of the mascot several years ago, the school continued to use a Native spear as part of the school logo and Native American imagery in the school.   

What process did the review committee follow?    The committee reviewed legislation, consulted with the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI), consulted with the Puyallup Tribe of Indians and sought input from Native American staff, students and families as part of its review process. The committee reviewed additional resources provided by the Puyallup Tribe regarding the inappropriate use of Native American mascots and the harmful effects on Native youth and community. Additionally, the committee conducted an inventory of Clover Park School District schools to identify Native American imagery, symbols, names or mascot names. Clover Park High School was identified as having Native American imagery displayed in the school that is considered disrespectful, harmful and stereotypical.   Why can’t the school district keep the name Warriors and change the imagery?    The name Warriors and Native American imagery have been a part of the Clover Park High School mascot for more than half a century. After considering our Native American community’s input, the Puyallup Tribe’s responses and resources, and state legislation, it is clear that based on SHB 1356 the district cannot easily disassociate the name Warriors from the Native American imagery that has been a part of the school’s mascot for more than 70 years. The school’s connection to the Native American imagery is too engrained in the mascot name and cannot be easily ignored by selecting new imagery for the name Warriors.   How will the school identify a new mascot name?     The school has assembled a committee to facilitate the process to identify a new mascot name this December. Clover Park High School staff, students, families, alumni and community will have an opportunity to provide input into the process. An online survey will run in early December. The committee will review this data along with additional student input before a final decision is made.