Celebrating Art at CPSD

Celebrating Art at CPSD
Posted on 09/13/2023

This week, we’re showing our CPSD pride by giving a Super School Shoutout to CPSD art teachers for Arts in Education Week. Let’s explore how Hudtloff Middle School art teacher Robin Cutler and Hillside Elementary School music teacher Peter Giardina encourage their students’ artistic expression!

Arts in Education Week Teachers

Robin believes visual art provides students with opportunities to learn important skills they may not always focus on in other classes. In her art room, students learn discipline and patience, think creatively, become detail oriented, develop perseverance and improve their ability to work in small groups. All of those qualities make for impressive job skills!

Robin loves teaching middle school because students are just beginning to understand themselves as individuals and explore their cultural identity. With visual art, students are free to explore and creatively express their sense of self.

“Students have an opportunity in the art room to express their individuality and their culture,” Robin said. “I plan for them to have an avenue to express their hopes, their dreams and what they want for their future in class, in our hallways and in the community.”

As the Hillside music teacher, Peter helps his students build a foundation of rhythm and musicality. His young students are only beginning to understand the great big world around them. With music, Peter shows students how to make sense of the sights and sounds.

He begins by teaching body percussion before moving on to rhythm sticks, singing and melody instruments. Fourth and fifth graders also learn to play xylophones, ukeleles and the guitar. Students harness their passion for music to learn the importance of kinesthetics, hand-eye coordination and listening skills.

His classroom lessons left such a great impression that fifth graders decided to use their free time last school year to start a rock band in Peter’s class!

“It was so fun to work with my rock band students last year and watch them rehearse and perform at assemblies,” Peter said. “I already have fourth graders asking me when they can start their own band this year, and I’m excited to get started.”

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