School Zones

Driving In School Zones

Lakewood Police officers enforce a 20 mph school zone speed limit during the school year, as well as during summer school. School zones are clearly marked with signs and flashing lights. The lights flash a half hour before and after the start and dismissal of school to allow for students who walk to and from school. When lights are flashing, the speed limit in that school zone is 20 mph. Lakewood Police officers will issue citations to drivers going more than 20 mph in a school zone. 

Additionally, there are speed cameras on Gravelly Lake Drive at the Park Lodge Elementary School zone and on Steilacoom Boulevard at the Lochburn Middle School zone. These cameras take pictures of speeding cars and citations will be mailed to the vehicle's registered owner(s).

The school district provides information to city of Lakewood officials on school start and dismissal times and after school activities. City officials then program the flashing lights.

For questions about citations, contact the city of Lakewood's Municipal Court or visit their Web site by clicking here.

The school district does not handle citations or enforcement of school zones.

After-School Activities

School zone flashing lights are also activated for many after school activities, including sporting events at Harry Lang Stadium. The school zone flashing lights serve as a warning for drivers to be aware that pedestrians may be in the area and to use caution. Lakewood Police officers issue citations to speeding drivers when the school zone lights are flashing for after school activities.