The following text illustrates the grading system in the Clover Park School District.


The State Board of Education determines the numerical value of letter grades:

Letter Grade Numerical Value
A 4.0
A- 3.7
B+ 3.3
B 3.0
B- 2.7
C+ 2.3
C 2.0
C- 1.7
D+ 1.3
D 1
F 0

A Pass/Fail grade will not be figured in the grade point if a "P" grade is earned. An "F" grade will, however, be included in determining the grade point average.

Makeup Grades

Students occasionally wish to repeat the same course in order to increase their understanding of a subject, to raise their grade, or to make up a failure. When this is done, credit will be granted only for the highest grade earned, though the other grade earned will remain on the record with no credit.


A pass/fail option may be used in place of the A-F grading scale in a class not classified as an academic course and not required for graduation. Successful completion of the class will result in a "P" grade, which is valid for credit but not for the cumulative grade point average. Academic courses are defined as those in the department of English, foreign language, mathematics, science, social studies, and other courses that emphasize academic content. Parents or adult students must request the pass/fail option within ten (10) days of the beginning of a course. The principal may authorize pass/fail after consultation with parents, students, and counselor.

Honors at Graduation

Students who have achieved a composite grade average of 3.50 or higher for grades 9, 10, 11, and 12 will be recognized as honor graduates. This determination will be made at the end of the first semester of grade 12 and confirmed approximately two weeks prior to the end of second semester.

Honor Roll

The first honor roll is an alphabetically arranged list of all students achieving a grade point average of 3.67 or above. The second honor roll is a list of students achieving a grade point average of at least 3.17 to 3.66.