Technology in the Classroom

Integrating technology into the classroom

Technology integration into the curriculum follows certain strategies at each of the school sites in the Clover Park School District, but each school is responsible for implementing technology in their own way. Each school is required to have a technology integration plan which indicates the types of software on which the school will train their teachers, and the curricular areas, lessons and units targeted for technology integration. Workshops are offered to district teachers year-round to teach them how to integrate particular technologies into their curriculum. Courses include training on the software available for integration into student assignments as part of the curriculum.

The software available to every employee includes Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, Exchange and PowerPoint as well as the Internet. Teachers are encouraged to use these tools in lesson assignments in Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, and Math. More and more of the finished student work involving technology products created as a result of filling an assignment are being posted on individual building websites.