Bargaining Agreements and Salary Schedules

Collective Bargaining Agreements / Salary Schedules

  Collective Bargaining Agreement Salary Schedules

CPEA (Clover Park Education Association)

CPEA 2020-2022 CBA
TRI Employee Responsibility Contract (2016-18)
CPEA Overload MOU
1.26.21 CPEA MOU
CPEA COVID-19 MOU for 21-22
CPEA 2022-23 Salary Schedule

CPEA 2020-21 Salary Schedule

ESPCP (Educational Support Personnel of Clover Park)

ESPCP 2021-2023 CBA
ESPCP 2-11-21 MOU COVID Supplemental
ESPSP COVID-19 MOU for 21-22
ESPCP LOA FCS Training Hours
ESPCP LOA Classified Building Support-Temporary

ESPCP 2022-23 Salary Schedule

ESPCP 2021-22 Salary Schedule

ESPCP 2020-21 Salary Schedule
IUOE (International Union of Operating Engineers) IUOE 2021-2024 CBA
MOU IUOE Gardner Grounds 1.28.21
IUOE 2022-23 Salary Schedule

IUOE 2021-21 Salary Schedule
AAA/CPEA (Athletics & Activities Association) AAA 2019-2022 CBA AAA 2020-21 Salary Schedule
CPASP (Clover Park Association of School Principals) CPASP 2019-2022 CBA
CPASP 2022-23 Salary Schedule

CPASP 2020-21 Salary Schedule

Non-Bargaining Employees

  Handbooks Salary Schedules
Non-Bargained Classified & Certificated Supervisors NB Classified & Certificated Supervisor Handbook Non-Bargained Classified & Certificated Supervisors
Non-Bargained Directors & Council NB Directors & Council Handbook NB Directors & Council

If you need copies of the originals please contact the HR Department