Financial Services

Who to Contact

Name Title Phone
Megan Wheeler Director of Financial Services 253-583-5021
Heather Kelly Manager of Accounting & Treasury 253-583-5026
Michaela Watts Budget Manager 253-583-5023
Mary Jo McKay Inventory & Records Management 253-583-5035
Irene Russo Accounts Payable 253-583-5034
Cindy Wetzel Accounts Payable 253-583-5029
Jyl Andrews Elementary Schools Accountant 253-583-5022
Wylie Sampson Secondary Schools & Department Accountant 253-583-5025
Joy Mendoza Grants Accountant 253-583-5024
Heather Huber Department Accountant 253-583-5027
Kimberly Jaramillo Manager of Payroll/Benefits 253-583-5121
Kirsten Parker Payroll/Retirement Specialist 253-583-5123
Natalie Watson Payroll Specialist 253-583-5122
Eugene Garcia Payroll Specialist 253-583-5124


Mission Statement

The mission of the Financial Services Department is to plan, receive, monitor, safeguard, invest, account for, and expend the financial resources of the Clover Park School District in the highest legal, ethical, and professional standard practical and to respond to the service needs of our customers in a timely, courteous, and accurate manner.

Vision Statement

The Financial Services Department of Clover Park School District will continue to be recognized for its skilled and dedicated staff, integrity and financial accountability, ambitious problem solving, and resourceful and caring customer service in support of teaching and learning.

Clover Park School District 2018-19 State Budget

2018-19 State Budget

Click here to search the State Auditors office. Search Text is "Clover Park School District No 400"