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National Board Program Overview 

National Board Certification (NBC) is a voluntary, advanced teaching credential that goes beyond state licensure. Successful candidates complete a portfolio of best teaching practices consisting of the following four components: 

  1. Content Knowledge (Computer-Based Testing)
  2. Differentiation in Instruction (Written Entry)
  3. Teaching Practice and Learning Environment (Written Entry)
  4. Reflective and Effective Practitioner (Written Entry)

Mission Statement

In service to our profession, our mission is to improve the quality of education in our community via mentoring educators towards National Board Certification, sharing professional ideas and expertise, and strengthening regional collaboration among peers, community, and policy makers.

Recent National Board Network News 

Fourteen district educators earn or renewed National Board Certification in 2021. 

CPSD has one of the highest percentages of National Board Certificated teachers in Pierce County.

Since 2005, well over 200 CPSD staff have achieved National Board Certification in our district. Support offerings include: 

  1. Full reimbursement of tuition to attend WEA’s Jump Start and Home Stretch institutes.
  2. Assigned NBCT mentor to read and give feedback on your work.
  3. Membership in a support cohort. Facilitated by an NBCT, this cohort is free to district teachers.
  4. District conditional grant of $475. In return, teachers must agree to mentor future candidates for up to two years. 

How Do I Get Started?

Step One: 

In the fall, talk with your building principal and secure his/her permission to join the program the following April. Discuss your plans on how to manage attending the weekly National Board support cohort with other building obligations. Cohorts meet most Tuesdays, from 4:00 to 6:00, and attendance is mandatory.

Step Two: 

By early spring, visit the National Board Website, review program eligibility requirements, and--when you are confident to begin--register as a National Board Candidate. Registration opens in April. The non-refundable out-of-pocket application fee is $75.

Step Three: 

Also in the spring, register for the required four-day WEA National Board Jump Start Institute, which is held the following summer. Slots fill up quickly, so register as soon as the window opens, usually in April. 

WEA Jump Start Website

Step Four: 

After attending WEA Jump Start during the summer, register for our free district support cohort on Teacher Academy. Meeting dates start the following September. Cohort membership is free to district teachers, as space allows. In return, teachers must commit, upon certification, to mentoring a new and upcoming candidate.

Note: attending Jump Start during the summer prior to beginning certification is a requirement of all teachers who plan to participate in the district support cohort. Tuition is reimbursed by CPSD upon successful attendance. All travel and hotel expenses must be paid out-of-pocket by candidates. Register using the link above, and pay tuition via personal credit card. After attendance, submit proof of payment along with proof of attendance to Teaching and Learning for full reimbursement. 

District National Board Conditional Grant 

Candidates who complete and submit their first component are eligible for a $475 conditional grant. To claim this grant, submit a Reimbursement Claim Form, along with receipt of payment, to Teaching and Learning. In return, candidates must commit, upon certification, to mentoring future district candidates for up to two years. 

OSPI National Board Conditional Loan 

Qualified candidates may apply for a conditional loan from OSPI in the amount of $1,425. Upon successful certification, the loan amount is taken out of your first annual bonus.

Learn more about conditional loans. 

National Board Scoring Opportunity 

Want yet another leg-up on the process before beginning? Consider scoring for NBPTS to learn how the rubrics and standards are used to evaluate candidate writing and evidence.

Learn more about scoring opportunities. 

National Board Salary Bonus 

Teachers who hold a valid certificate from NBPTS for the entire duration of the current school year will receive an annual bonus of $5,296. Teachers who attain a valid certificate from NBPTS during the current school year will receive 60% of the annual bonus of $5,296 for a total of $3,177.60. Teachers in qualifying challenging schools will receive an additional bonus up to $5,000. WAC 392-140-973(3) provides additional guidance on eligibility criteria. Bonuses are distributed by August of each year. 

See a current list of qualifying district school offering bonuses

For Further Information: 

Contact Ashlie Short at [email protected]