The board of directors is committed to providing quality education for all Clover Park School District students and recognizes the need to use appropriate and available resources to accomplish this goal. Community members, including Clover Park families, business leaders and military personnel, who voluntarily contribute their time and talents to improve and enrich Clover Park schools are valuable assets.

The board of directors recognizes the valuable contribution volunteers make to the total school program across the district. Volunteers perform appropriate tasks in relation to their skills and provide adjunctive assistance during and after school hours under the direction of and supervision of district professional personnel.

Volunteers are parents, community members, employees volunteering in a location other than their work location, students volunteering in a school other than the school they attend, and coaches or advisors in unpaid assignments. In working with volunteers, district employees shall clearly explain the volunteer's responsibility for supervising students in school, on the playground and on field trips. On field trips, both students and volunteer chaperones are to be informed of the rules of student behavior and the means by which they are to be held accountable to those rules.

The work of volunteers will supplement and in no way supplant or replace the work of the professional and/or support staff. Volunteers are not to be left alone with a student or students out of sight of a teacher or paraprofessional.

The school administration, consistent with Policy 5005, Employment and Volunteers: Disclosures, Certification Requirements, Assurances and Approvals, is responsible for the recruitment, initiation of the Washington State Patrol background check, training, coordination of work, and monthly reporting of volunteer names and hours to the district designee. Volunteers will work at the request of teachers, administrators and other designees. In addition, school administration is responsible for volunteer coaches or advisors regularly scheduled to interact with students being required to comply with the disclosure, background and record check requirements for an unsupervised employee under Policy 5005.

The development and management of the volunteer program is under the direction of the superintendent and his/her designee.

Cross References Board Policy 5005 Employment: Disclosures, Certification Requirements, Assurances and Approval
Legal References: RCW 43.43.830-840 Washington State Criminal Code Records
WAC 446-20-285 Employment -Conviction Records - Child and adult abuse information

Adoption Date: 03.12.79

Former Policy Number: 5430

Clover Park School District

Revised: 06.12.95; 02.10.03; 04.13.09; 08.13.12; 02.12.18