Special Education

Who to Contact

Name Position Phone
Dr. Michaela Clancy Director of Special Education 253-583-5177
Kristina Fulps Secretary to the Director 253-583-5177
Sarah Larson Supervisor of Special Education 253-583-5170
Vern Mills Supervisor of Special Education 253-583-5170
Christie Nelson Supervisor of Special Education 253-583-5170
Dr. Holly Patton Supervisor of Special Education 253-583-5170
Jeannette Best Clerk/Technician 253-583-5170
Lani Gatoloai-Solmonua Clerk/Technician 253-583-5170
Susan Thompkins Technical Assistant, Records 253-583-5181
Ammon Dodson IT Support/IEP Online 253-583-5182

Child Find

Child Find is the process for locating, evaluating and identifying any children from birth to 21 years of age residing in the district (or non-resident children attending private school located within the district) who are in need of special education and related services. A team of professionals will review existing information and conduct screenings in the following development areas: cognitive, communication, physical, social or emotional and adaptive.

Following the scheduled screening, a determination will be made regarding whether the child should be further evaluated for special education services. If you or someone you know suspects a child of having a disability, an appointment to attend a Child Find screening can be made by calling 253-583-5180.

Records Requests

To order copies of special education records, please contact 253-583-5181. Fax number is 253-583-5188.

Special Education Programs and Services

The CPSD provides a free appropriate public education for eligible special education students as provided for in the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). Clover Park School District serves students with disabilities from ages 3 to 21 and offers a full continuum of placement options. Parents, students, and staff should work through their Individualized Education Program Team to determine the appropriate educational program for the child.

Please contact 253-583-5170 or 253-583-5180 for access to these policies and procedures.

Section 504

Special Education can assist you with accommodation plans and other supports for students with disabilities. Procedures and forms are available from the Special Education office. Click here to learn more about your rights under Section 504.