Give 6

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Give 6

Staff, family and community members all play a role in creating an uplifting, safe environment for students and children to learn, grow and thrive. Give 6, or Giving 6, encourages staff, students and families to exchange at least six positive statements to others each day. Give 6 supports and encourages students in understanding their value and increasing their self-worth as individuals beyond what they may accomplish in the classroom. 

When you Give 6, you are showing you care, building relationships and supporting students academically and in life.

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“When students understand that they have value as a person that goes beyond test scores and grades, they respond positively. It is essential for us as educators and community members to help students discover the value they provide to those around them.”

~Superintendent Ron Banner


Ways You Can Give 6

You can support the whole child by depositing assets (connections) into students’ social and emotional bank accounts by Giving 6. This affirms their dignity, lets them know they are seen, heard and valued. Here are some ways you can Give 6:

  • Give a fist bump or high five
  • Affirm their strengths

  • Initiate a conversation and ask how they are doing
  • Model positive behavior and effective communications skills
  • Explain that you acknowledge and value their efforts/positive behavior
  • Schedule time to engage with your student and actively listen
  • Set the tone and create a safe environment for meaningful, effective communication
  • Make simple statements such as “You're an incredible leader” or “I'm glad you are here today”




Parents/Guardians and Families