December Calendar Feature

December Calendar Feature
Posted on 12/16/2022
This year's theme for the Clover Park School District calendar is “Imagine.” Students approach everything they do without limitations, knowing they can achieve any goal they have.


This December, we’re highlighting the importance of science to students who have big hopes for their future. Elizabeth Friend, Mikaela LeClaire and Felix Fernandez attended Lake Louise last year and were invited to the Pierce College Science Dome to explore their love for science. The Dome is a 58-seat planetarium that is the only one of its kind in the South Puget Sound region. It shows visitors the night sky from anywhere in the known universe, alien environments, Egyptian pyramids and more.


These three students were shown breathtaking footage of supernovas, black holes and other-worldly structures as they let their mind wander to distant galaxies. “I think my favorite part was seeing all the different colors and shapes of things in outer space,” Fernandez, now a fourth grader at Idlewild, said. “It was super cool.”


During the visit, Science Dome technician Katie Iadanza showed different projections, adjusted the lighting for a perfect viewing experience and answered any questions students or parents had about the science behind the sights. Thank you to Iadanza and Hillary Stephens at the Pierce College Science Dome for supporting our students’ curiosity. For more information about tickets and public showings at the Dome please visit