November Calendar Feature

NAEP November Calendar Feature
Posted on 11/18/2022

This year's theme for the Clover Park School District calendar is “Imagine.” Students approach everything they do without limitations, knowing they can achieve any goal they have for their future.

This November is Native American Heritage Month, and we are celebrating the students in our Native American Education Program (NAEP). This program provides supplemental supports and activities for American Indian and Alaska Native students and helps school districts meet unique, culturally relevant needs of their Native American students. Parents are also encouraged to participate through the program’s Inter-Tribal Parent Education Advisory Circle (a.k.a. PEACe committee).

Jayden Sharp is a descendant of the Colorado River Indian Tribes. He was photographed for this month’s feature and is an active participant in NAEP. He and other NAEP students joined the program to help increase their cultural identity and gain knowledge and understanding of indigenous communities, languages, tribal histories, traditions and cultures.

If students or families would like to learn more about NAEP, please contact the program coordinator Jesus Villegas at (253) 583-5156 or [email protected]