Student Voice

Supporting Students Through Our Focus on Equity

Clover Park School District is committed to creating and fostering learning environments that support student achievement and empowerment through equity, diversity and inclusion.

Student Voice in Making Decisions

Two years ago, Superintendent Ron Banner began hosting lunch listening sessions with students at each high school and the district’s Open Doors program. Students engaged with great enthusiasm to discuss challenges, successes and opportunities to improve the district. This year, the listening sessions have evolved.

In addition to hearing from students, Banner has asked students to provide their input in the form of the Superintendent’s Youth Advisory Coalition (SYAC). The group, which includes six students from each of the district’s high schools, meets once every other month to represent their student body in an advisory capacity to the superintendent.

The SYAC has already made a difference. Last spring, SYAC was invited to a countywide youth listening session with Pierce County Councilwoman Jani Hitchens, and students participated in an on-going conversation with leadership about last June’s graduation.

CPSD student voice is enriching our classrooms, the district and our community.

Saying YES to Equity

As part of the district’s ongoing work to create equitable and inclusive schools, students from each middle and high school participated in a series of workshops to elevate and empower diverse voices. Students networked across school campuses to build a community of support, belonging and affirmation. It is within the context of a healthy community that students are equipped to partner with the adults in their community to help foster equity.

Some of the outcomes include: students forming new relationships across the district, students growing in empathy and cultural awareness, and students becoming equipped to build community.