Four Pillars for Student Success

Four Pillars of Student Success

The Clover Park School District Board of Directors has focused on understanding student success in new ways. Test scores, graduation rates and college acceptances are important for measuring student achievement, but the school board is interested in fostering success that is focused on building strong scholars who also make a difference in their communities.

The Clover Park School District Board of Directors adopted the Four Pillars of Student Success – a framework of traits that provide a strong foundation for student success in school and after graduation. Clover Park School District staff are also living their promise and cultivating these foundational characteristics to support their personal and professional growth. 

What are the Four Pillars? 

  • Lifelong Learner: Students are motivated to gain new knowledge even outside of the classroom and after graduation. 

  • Collaboration: Students work together toward a common goal, such as completing a group project or making a difference in their community. 

  • Character: Students choose to do the right thing when no one is watching or are dedicated to overcoming difficult challenges.

  • Leadership: Students help themselves and others do the right things and lead by example.