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Our Mission

The Mission of Tyee Park, in partnership with community, staff, parents and students, is to provide a positive environment that nurtures and supports academic excellence, social growth and responsibility in a diverse and changing world.

Washington Report Cards Available

Washington State report cards provide school data at the state, school district and school building level. The report cards may be downloaded from the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction website here or by contacting the school at the number listed above.

Parent Survey

A summary of our school’s overall results from the Center for Educational Effectiveness’s (CEE) 2017 parent survey can be found here. For complete results of the CEE parent survey, please contact the main office.

District Mission

The mission of Clover Park School District is to teach each child what he or she needs to know to succeed and contribute to the community.


Tyee Park

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11920 Seminole Rd SW, Lakewood WA 98499 • 253-583-5380 Fax: 253-583-5388

Student, Parent and Community Involvement

The parents and families of Tyee Park are a critical component of the school community's efforts to improve student achievement. Tyee Park families are strongly encouraged to support their children by getting them to school ready to learn, attending their conferences, and being actively involved in their learning. Tyee Park Families further support the school through volunteering, tutoring, assisting with school-wide projects, etc.

Community volunteers, such as 514th Medical Company JFJLM Part., CP Rotary and Prince of Peace Church are actively sought to help students through tutoring, giving presentations to classes, working with teachers, and serving as critical mentors and role models. Partnerships with local businesses provide Tyee Park students with additional resources including books and school supplies. A complement to our school by the non-profit group Caring for Kids as well as Northwest Harvest. These organizations provide food, clothing, and a variety of assistance for our students and their families.

School Improvement Plan

  1. Tyee Park instructional staff will participate in Instructional Data Team meetings in which they analyze student performance data to identify the effectiveness of core instruction and materials, and differentiate instruction.
  2. Staff will continue to focus peer interaction, higher level thinking and questioning, building background knowledge and honoring student cultures as areas of professional development for 2016-17.
  3. Extended learning opportunities will be provided in both reading and math, during the school day and after school.The master schedule is designed to provide additional instructional opportunities to the students who need the most support.
  4. The school leadership team will review action plans from data teams to monitor progress and approve recommendations for adjustments to core and intervention programs.

Facility Use

Tyee Park facilities are used by political organizations, businesses and parent groups. Our school facilities are viewed as a venue for the community to come together for the positive benefit of all.


Basic - $2,733,639
Title 1/LAP - 461,955
Other allocations - 12,823
Total budget - 3,208,417

District average per-pupil expenditure in 15-16.................................. 14,950.00