Lake Louise

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Our Vision

We are a school that produces high levels of individual student growth and achieves academic excellence. Where STAFF, FAMILIES, and STUDENTS inspire each child to reach their full potential, become lifelong learners, and responsible citizens.

Our Mission

We take collective responsibility for ensuring every child, everyday, will achieve at high levels of learning.

Washington Report Cards Available

Washington State report cards provide school data at the state, school district and school building level. The report cards may be downloaded from the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction website here or by contacting the school at the number listed above.

Parent Survey

A summary of our school’s overall results from the Center for Educational Effectiveness’s (CEE) 2017 parent survey can be found here. For complete results of the CEE parent survey, please contact the main office.

District Mission

The mission of Clover Park School District is to teach each child what he or she needs to know to succeed and contribute to the community.


Lake Louise

Elementary School


Kristi Webster,


11014 Holden Road SW, Lakewood WA 98498 • 253-583-5310
Attendance: 253-583-5311 • Fax: 253-583-5318

Student, Parent and Community Involvement

Our students, parents, and community members give generously of their time and talent to make Lake Louise the caring campus that it is. Over 100 parents and community members donate time to volunteer in classrooms, serve on the PTSA and work on committees. The Lake Louise PTSA works hand in hand with our staff, providing many of “the extras” that enhance our learning community. Most of these active volunteers grace our campus daily, assisting teachers, students, and staff. We have fun at PTSA sponsored events such as the “Potato Feed” and Bad to the Bone Bingo Night.

Student/School/Community Programs Site Council -The Lake Louise Site Council consists of elected representatives from the school staff as well as parent/community members. The purpose of the site council is to oversee the implementation of the School Improvement Plan. The council meets monthly throughout the school year. As well as the scheduled regular meeting agenda, there is always allotted time for pubic comment when we welcome anyone from our community to bring issues, concerns or questions to the council’s attention.

RESPECTFUL, RESPONSIBLE, READYAt Lake Louise we see student behaviors falling into one of THREE categories, which build our community:

RESPECTFUL:We believe that students and staff have the right to be treated with respect and kindness. Behaviors that support this category build a safe and healthy learning environment where students are free to grow and develop, both academically and socially. Students must respect the rights of others and learn they do not have the right to disrupt the learning of others at school.

RESPONSIBLE:We believe that students are responsible for their actions and must be taught to maintain control of their behaviors. Students must be taught responsible study habits, become accountable for attending school regularly and on time, as well as demonstrate a strong commitment to their learning.

READY: We believe students can demonstrate a readiness to learn by being on time to school, following the directions of all staff, bringing materials and homework to class, and following the rules in the common areas of our school, as well as in the classrooms.

School Improvement Plan

Math Goal:Our goal is aligned with the District Improvement Plan: All students at the end of each year are prepared to transition to the next grade/level and have met or exceeded the minimum growth target on the district's Annual Measurable Objectives (AMO).

Reading Goal:Our goal is aligned with the District Improvement Plan: All students at the end of each year are prepared to transition to the next grade/level and have met or exceeded the minimum growth target on the district's AMO.

Facility Use

Our facilities are used by many groups during the school year. Activities in our building include Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Lakewood Improvement Club, City Council and sports events. Please contact the school office for more information.


Basic - $2,326,350
Title 1/LAP - 342,445
Other allocations - 11,088
Total budget - 2,679,883

District average per-pupil expenditure in 15-16.................................. 14,950.00