School Logo

Vision and Mission

Our vision is to empower students to become lifelong learners and engaged global citizens

To accomplish our vision we will focus on our mission:

  • Building a Strong Community
  • Owning Your Learning
  • Be engaged
  • Collaborate
  • A Positive Environment
  • Thinking is Visible
  • Support All Learners

Washington Report Cards Available

Washington State report cards provide school data at the state, school district and school building level. The report cards may be downloaded from the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction website here or by contacting the school at the number listed above.

Parent Survey

A summary of our school’s overall results from the Center for Educational Effectiveness’s (CEE) 2017 parent survey can be found here. For complete results of the CEE parent survey, please contact the main office.

District Mission

The mission of Clover Park School District is to teach each child what he or she needs to know to succeed and contribute to the community.



Elementary School


Paula Gayson


8890 Concord Ave, JBLM Lewis North WA 98433 • 253-583-5260 Fax: 253-583-5268

Student, Parent and Community Involvement

We encourage parents and community members to visit classrooms often. It is a pleasure to see parents volunteering and/or stopping by to eat lunch with our students throughout the year. There are a variety of ways parents can be involved with their child's educational growth and social development both at school and home. We also encourage all parents to regularly check our website for upcoming events and ways to support their child’s development at home with resources and tools we have available.

Our volunteer program includes parents, community members, and volunteer soldiers who contribute to make Beachwood a great place for learning. They are actively involved with daily and weekly classroom assistance, PTA fundraisers, field trip chaperones, field day, recess support, tutoring, Scholastic Book Fair, Yearbook, family nights and helping us plan ways to improve our school. Special recognition is given to parents to show our appreciation for their effort and participation. If you are interested in volunteering, please drop by and let us know. Thank you for your support.

We have a Site Council composed of school and community representatives. The purpose of the Site Council is to function as a decision making group. Parent representatives give our Site Council an important perspective in our decision making process. They serve along with teachers, classified staff, the principal and a central administration representative.

School Improvement Plan

The Beachwood staff has focused on meeting each child where they are and helping them improve at an accelerated rate. To achieve these goals, we have focused on intentionally engaging our students and making their thinking and understanding visible. Please visit our website to learn more about the specifics improvement plan strategies and our focus on using our mission to make our vision a reality. You will also find our student assessment data and an outside evaluator, the BERC group’s 4 years of assessments of our teachers that demonstrated how much we have grown in our efforts to reach our goals and make our vision a reality.

Goal 1: Math
85% of our students will meet or exceed grade level in math and disparities among all sub-groups will be eliminated.

Goal 2: Literacy Goal
85% of our students will meet or exceed grade level in literacy and disparities among all sub-groups will be eliminated.

Goal 2: Professional Practices
As a result of intentional instructional practice, all students will grow academically a minimum of one year and students below grade level will grow academically a minimum of 1.5 years.

Facility Use

The building is used for PTA functions, scout events, after school sports, practice for Dependent Youth Teams, workshops and Family Readiness Groups (FRGs). The completion of a formal building use authorization form is required for outside groups to use the facility.


Basic - $2,074,951
Title 1/LAP - 191,362
Other allocations - 9,198
Total budget - 2,275,511

District average per-pupil expenditure in 14-15.................................. 14,950.00