Immediate Communication of Critical Incidents

For all incidents, use the Incident Command System to follow the Critical Response Plan.
Use the Emergency/Critical Phone Tree to contact district personnel.

- Always send an E-Admins in the following situations and any other critical communication as soon as possible -

Whenever law enforcement/school resource officer is involved

Any emergency

  • After calling 9-1-1, send E-ADMINS to group within five minutes
  • Call risk manager as soon as possible: 253-583-7357 or cell phone 253-606-1330
  • Send a written report to risk manager
  • Enter a SchoolDude work order for district property repairs if applicable

Any non-emergency

  • Report to police/SRO

See also:
Critical Incident Response Plan and applicable district policies

Child Abuse

See also: District Policy/Procedure 3421 & 3421-P14
  • Determine whether to call Law Enforcement
  • Always make report to CPS
  • Send copy of CPS report to risk manager and student services director via courier
  • If law enforcement is involved and/or someone from CPS visits the school, email E-Admins group immediately

Lost / Missing Child

See also: Critical Incident Response Plan

If child cannot be immediately located:

  • Notify the principal
  • Call transportation dispatch
  • Call law enforcement (non-emergency number)

Emergency Expulsions

If staff member is injured:
  • Follow the Worker's Compensation flowchart
  • Notify executive director of human resources

If student is injured:

  • Email assistant superintendent
  • Send written report to risk manager

Trespass Notifications

See also: District Policy/Procedure 3160, 4203 & 4203-P1

If anyone seeks to issue a trespass notification for any district property:

  • Contact assistant superintendent
    • If approved, assistant superintendent request risk manager to draft letter
  • Risk manager will provide copy of letter to superintendent, deputy superintendent, appropriate council administrator and principal or ALT member
  • Call law enforcement (non-emergency number)
    • JBLM authorities receives copy if incident occurred on JBLM
    • Lakewood Police Department receives copy if incident occurred in Lakewood


If theft is in excess of $500, or unable to determine:
  • Send written report to risk manager
  • Call law enforcement

If theft is under $500:

  • Send written report to risk manager
  • Call law enforcement - if significant value

Any burglary (forced entry/breaking and entering):

  • Call law enforcement
  • Send written report to risk manager


If vandalism involves law enforcement:
  • Call law enforcement and photograph if possible
  • Send written report to risk manager
  • Contact maintenance and operations
  • Complete SchoolDude work order for repairs

  • Vehicle Accident

    If any serious injuries, call 9-1-1 immediately

    Any accident in any district vehicle/equipment:

    • Call transportation
    • Call law enforcement
    • Send written report to risk manager

    Additionally, if accident is after-hours or on weekend:

    • Call transportation supervisor or director of transportation

    Agency/District Phone Numbers
    In case of emergency, call 9-1-1
    Lakewood Police Non-Emergency. 253-798-4721
    JBLM Non-Emergency 253-967-3107
    Child Protective Services 253-983-6100
    - After hours/weekends 1-800-422-7517
    District Risk Manager 253-606-1330
    Director of Transportation 253-583-5496
    Transportation Supervisor 253-583-7390/5495
    Transportation Dispatcher 253-583-5971