General Information

Getting started

You can find out which school your child will attend by accessing the Clover Park School District website and selecting School Site Locator in the General School Information tab or by calling the Student Services office at (253) 583-5000. After determining the school, either Student Services or the Transportation Department can tell you if your child qualifies for bus service and if so, which route your child will use.


Students are eligible to ride the bus if they:

  • reside more than one road mile from school
  • need transportation based on special programs (i.e., gifted, ESL, special needs, McKinney-Vento or special circumstances)

Students who have special circumstances may qualify to ride the bus, even if they don't meet the above criteria, if:

  • hazards that create unsafe walking conditions for a student that cannot be mitigated; i.e., no sidewalks
  • a medical or physical condition prohibits a student from walking
  • before or after school a student goes to a child care or place other than the residence and this alternate address is used for enrollment and receives bus service

If a student attends a school outside of the resident boundary of their school, the parents are responsible for transportation.


Students will not be allowed to get off the bus unless the parent/guardian has requested in writing through the Transportation Department. Special Needs student will not be allowed to get off the bus without an adult being present.

ECEAP & Head Start

During the first week of school, half-day students should wear tags with their name and bus stop. Bus routes are developed based on student data submitted by the schools during the prior school year. All students must be met by someone that is on the approved list to receive the student from school, this list also needs to be on the medical form you can get from the driver.