Risk Management

The Risk Management office is responsible for various services around the District. As the name indicates, the office is responsible for "managing" district liability exposure. In the case of a claim either for or against the district, it is this office's responsibility to work with our insurance carrier to investigate and process claims. Based on the goal of preventing accidents before they occur, we coordinate security for district students, personnel and property. Risk Management also coordinates additional security as needed for special events and scenarios.


The office works with the Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department and Washington Schools Risk Management Pool to manage employee and school safety programs using industry best practices and lessons learned from around the state and country. Constant monitoring of accidents and how school districts deal with those help to ensure the best possible program in Clover Park.

Emergency Management

In the area of emergency management, we review and coordinate school and district emergency plans with the City of Lakewood, Pierce County and State of Washington. This includes creating and maintaining emergency preparedness notebooks, emergency procedures flip charts. Risk Management works closely with Lakewood Police Department and West Pierce Fire and Rescue for emergency response protocols and to coordinate Incident Command Systems and procedures appropriately.

Insurance and Loss Prevention

Puget Sound Workers' Compensation Trust is our private labor and industries insurance carrier. A representative of the human resources department manages claims between the district and the Trust. Risk Management works closely with Human Resources to coordinate the claims by managing the claim paperwork and to conduct safety review to ensure accidents are closed out safely. Additionally, Risk Management works with the Washington Schools Risk Management Pool to file property claims and to ensure best practices are followed regarding safety and risk exposure for students, staff and District property.

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Documents and Procedures

Synthetic Athletic Surfaces

Clover Park School District and the Washington Schools Risk Management Pool continue to follow the evolving research on the health effects of crumb rubber synthetic turf fields to provide our families with the latest data and recommendations of the Washington State Department of Health.

In January 2017, the Washington State Department of Health produced a report entitled: "Investigation of Reported Cancer among Soccer Players in Washington State." Under the Conclusions and Recommendations of the report, the investigation found less cancer among soccer players than expected based upon the rates of cancer of Washington residents of the same ages. Their findings suggest that soccer players in Washington are not at increased risk for cancer compared to the general population.

Further, the investigation recommended continued use of crumb rubber fields. The Washington State Department of Health will continue to monitor the health and environmental effects of crumb rubber fields and Clover Park School District will remain engaged to ensure the safest possible surface for our students, athletes and families.


For more information contact the Clover Park School District Risk Manager Randy Granum 253-583-7357.