Elementary School

District-wide Elementary School Dress Code

Student appearance and clothing will be appropriate to an elementary school environment and must not present issues regarding health, safety or disruption to the learning environment.

Students will observe modesty, appropriateness and neatness in their clothing and personal appearance.


  • The length of shorts, skirts and dresses will extend below finger tips when arms are extended.
  • No clothing will be worn with symbols or signs that promote or exhibit gangs, alcohol, drugs, tobacco, sex, profanity, nudity or violent behavior.
  • Hats, hoods or bandanas will not be worn on school grounds unless there is a need due to inclement weather or a special event authorized by the school principal.
  • No revealing garments will be worn. Exhibiting midriffs, straps, chests and personal parts of the body is not allowed.
  • Jewelry that causes a distraction or a safety issue is prohibited.
  • No distracting hair color or makeup will be worn.
  • Shoes will be appropriate for in- or outside athletic activities. No "flip-flop" sandals or wheeled shoes are allowed. All sandal-type shoes must have a closed back and closed toes.
  • Baggy or "sagging" pants are not allowed.

School administration has the authority to address dress code issues not explicitly mentioned above in order to maintain a safe, healthy and productive educational environment. This dress code shall be enforced according to the school's existing citizenship/discipline policy.