Bus Routes

2022/23 Basic Education Bus Routes

This information is in reference to 2022/23 Basic Education Bus Routes-

Route information and Stops are currently being developed for next school year.

Preliminary route information for Bus Stops and Times will be released to the district's website on August 19th before 5:00 PM.  Although fairly accurate patrons will be encouraged to check back on August 26th for the final release of Bus information.

On August 26th before 5:00pm the Final release of routes will be posted to the website.  This is the information that will be followed for the first day of school.

If you have any questions please call the Transportation Department 583-5494.

Wednesday 1 hour late starts will be a 1 hour delay from published bus route times

Elementary Schools

Middle Schools

High Schools

Specialty Schools

Bus routes and stops


School bus routes are planned to provide the safest, most efficient and cost-effective service under all weather and road conditions. Students typically ride the bus 30 to 60 minutes each way. Riding times may occasionally be longer due to traffic jams, breakdowns or inclement weather.

Students should utilize the bus stop closest to their residence. Those who need to be dropped off at a location other than their original stop must have special permission, which may be granted after the parent/guardian has notified the school office in writing.

Students who must go to another designated bus stop must give the bus driver a note signed by a parent/guardian and by the school administration. These notes are valid for one day or a specific period of time that is listed on the permission slip.

Bus stops

Stops may be as far from home as:

Four blocks or .25 mile for kindergarten through fifth grade students

Six blocks or .5 mile for sixth through eighth grade students

Eight blocks or .75 mile for ninth through twelfth grade students

Boarding the Bus

In the morning

Students need to be at their designated bus stop no later than five minutes before the scheduled pick-up time. When they see the bus coming, students need to form a line starting well back from the curb. Unfortunately, buses cannot wait for students who are not at the bus stop.

After school

Students need to go to their buses quickly. Buses leave:

Five minutes after elementary school dismissal

Seven minutes after secondary school dismissal

Students who miss their regular bus must be picked up by a parent .

Activity/Program Bus

Middle and high school students who participate in after-school activities (i.e. sports, clubs) may ride the school's activity bus (with school approval). Secondary school students must present their ride ticket for the appropriate time to the driver when boarding. Each school will determine departure times for its activity bus. Please note that activity buses do not stop at every stop scheduled for A.M. and P.M. routes but will primarily utilize neighboring elementary schools.

Elementary school students who participate in after-school programs may ride the school's program bus (with school approval). Each school will determine departure times for its after-school program bus. Please note that after school program buses do not stop at every stop scheduled for A.M. and P.M. routes but will primarily utilize neighborhood stops.