CPSD Pride: Wooten Family

CPSD Pride: Wooten Family
Posted on 02/06/2024
Three adult women and two children pose and smile at the camera while standing among playground equipment.For the Wootens, CPSD is family. For generations, Stephanie, Epiphanie, Tifphanie and her sons William and James Spurr have brightened CPSD schools with their warm presence as students and staff members.

Years ago, when Stephanie and her family were stationed at Joint Base Lewis-McChord, she enrolled her two daughters, Epiphanie and Tifphanie, in Woodbrook Middle School. Stephanie wanted to align her work schedule with her children, so she began her CPSD career at Carter Lake Elementary School. Today, she gets to spend time with her grandsons and provide advice to military families new to the community as the head secretary for Hillside Elementary School.

Stephanie may only have two biological grandchildren at Hillside, but she is family to all. The students lovingly refer to her as “G-ma,” and each day, they look forward to visiting their “G-ma” in the front office for some grandmotherly advice and candy if they’re lucky.

Epiphanie and Tifphanie finished middle school at Woodbrook before attending Lakes High School and earning their acceptance to the University of Puget Sound (UPS). After graduating with multiple degrees, Epiphanie began teaching at Tyee Park Elementary School and currently teaches first grade at Idlewild Elementary School. “Everyone at Idlewild is willing to work together and be open-minded, which is what we need to improve our schools and be there for our students,” she said.

After graduating from UPS and earning her master’s degree in business, Tifphanie worked as a paraeducator at multiple CPSD schools and is currently the head secretary at Lakeview Hope Academy. “It’s so cool going to school in the district and working here because we’re working with our former teachers and now get to see them as peers,” she said. “How many people can say they work with the ones who inspired them?” Tifphanie’s two sons, James and William, are proud Hillside Huskies. They love math, lunch, recess, and their teachers, Ms. Summers and Ms. Pope.