Virtual Learning

District-Approved Virtual Learning Option

Clover Park School District provides five full days of in-person learning for grades K-12 in our schools.

The school district is offering a virtual learning option for elementary and secondary students whose families have decided to not send their child back to school for full-time in-person learning. Online learning is considered Alternative Learning Experiences (ALE) instruction and is generally asynchronous or self-paced with some opportunity to connect with teachers. Students are enrolled for a full school year and may return to their resident school the following year.

Each student is assigned a district ALE case manager that monitors progress and communicates with the school and family. Case managers reach out weekly to check in with the student. Families and case managers work together to support student learning.

Virtual Learning Application for the 2022-23 School Year

Clover Park School District will provide a virtual learning program for the 2022-23 school year using the same providers as this school year and the same learning structure (Pearson for grades K-5 and Grad Alliance for grades 6-12).
Virtual school kickoff starts August 15, 2022. Enrollment is limited. Capacity for this program is 530 students at this time. If you do not complete this survey we will not be able to guarantee a spot for your student.

Registration will be on a first come, first served basis. Once enrollment is full, students will be placed on a waiting list.

If you choose for your student to apply for virtual learning, you will be contacted to schedule a required orientation in August.

Learn More About Virtual Learning Options for 2022-23 School Year

The district hosted presentations on virtual learning options for the 2022-23 school year. Recordings of the informational presentations are available on the district YouTube channel for any families interested in virtual learning for next school year.

Elementary Virtual Learning

Secondary Virtual Learning

Who To Contact

Ernie Gilliam ALE Clerk 253-348-1594
Roslyn Smith
ALE Manager 253-682-7847
Venetia Willis-Holbrook Clover Park ALE Administrator 253-583-5545
Penny Durr K & 4th Grade 253-348-1608
Ginger Anderson 1st & 3rd Grade 253-348-1623
Sau Pritchard 2nd & 5th Grade 253-348-1610
Lina Best 6th & 8th Grade 253-348-1589
Angela White 9th & 12th Grade 253-348-1575

CPSD will be using OSPI approved online Alternative Learning Education (ALE) providers: 

ALE is not home-based instruction (homeschool). Home-based Instruction and enrollment in an ALE are different educational models. Home-based instruction includes the following:

  • Instruction is developed and supervised by the parent or guardian as authorized under RCW 28A.200 and 28A.225.010.
  • The parent has filed an annual Declaration of Intent with the district.
  • Students are neither enrolled nor eligible for graduation through a public high school unless they meet all district and state graduation requirements.
  • Students are not subject to the rules and regulations governing public school, including course, graduation and assessment requirements.
  • The public school is under no obligation to provide instruction or instructional materials, or to supervise the student’s education.

Alternative Learning Experience (ALE) includes the following:

  • Is a public education enrollment option authorized under WAC 392-550.
  • Subject to all state and federal rules and regulations governing public education.
  • Curriculum and instructional materials meet district standards and are free from sectarian control or influence.
  • Learning experiences are:
    • Supervised, monitored, assessed and evaluated by a certificated teacher.
    • May be planned in collaboration with the student, parent and teacher.
    • Provided via a Written Student Learning Plan (WSLP).
    • Provided in whole, or part, outside the regular classroom.

Elementary K-5 Virtual Learning Option

CPSD offers a flexible model that identifies core courses for students through Pearson Online Learning. The CPSD flexible model allows families and students to select the number and mode (asynchronous or synchronous) of extension and enrichment activities a student participates in. Families can opt in or out of offerings based on their student’s interest.

Asynchronous = Independent work, may have recorded lessons, may be completed at any time during the day.

Synchronous = Teacher-taught sessions that are scheduled for specific dates and times.

Virtual Case Managers:

Grades Kindergarten and 4th: Penny Durr 253-348-1608

Grades 1st and 3rd: Ginger Anderson 253-348-1623

Grades 2nd and 5th: Sau Pritchard 253-348-1610

Pearson Learning Platform

Clover Park School District offers core courses through Pearson Learning. Pearson provides a rigorous academic program taught by state-certified teachers, and curriculum and instructional materials are aligned with state learning standards.

The CPSD core is:

  • English
  • Math
  • Social Studies

Login link:

Technical Support:

Technical issues with:

  • District laptop
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Skyward
  • District email


Technical issues with:

  • Pearson password


Technical issues with:

  • Accessing live lessons
  • Submitting assignments
  • Broken links in Pearson Platform


Secondary 6-12 Virtual Learning Option

Clover Park School District partners with Graduation Alliance to offer secondary students asynchronous instruction virtually. Students are assigned a virtual academic coach and a local advocate through Graduation Alliance. Graduation Alliance provides a laptop with internet connectivity. Local meetups are available for students who want to connect with peers.

Graduation Alliance

Clover Park School District offers courses through Graduation Alliance. Graduation Alliance provides a rigorous academic program taught by state-certified teachers, and curriculum and instructional materials aligned with state learning standings.

Virtual Case Managers

Grades 6th-8th: Shianne Luebbe 253-348-1589

Grades 9th-12th: Angela White 253-348-1575

Login Link:

Technical Support:

Technical issues with:

  • District assigned laptop
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Skyward
  • District email


Technical issues with:

  • Accessing Graduation Alliance laptop
  • Submitting assignments
  • Logging into Graduation Alliance portal


Clover Park Virtual Administrator: Venetia Willis-Holbrook 253-583-5545

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are immunizations required?
The state requires proof of required immunizations for all students to participate in in-person or virtual learning programs in the state of Washington. This does not include the COVID-19 vaccination. Proof of COVID-19 vaccination is not a required immunization for students in Washington.

Will students have access to school resources?
Students will have full access to social/emotional and mental health support/resources available at their neighborhood school. This includes counselors and mental health resources.

Can my student participate in after-school activities at their neighborhood school?
Students enrolled in virtual learning with will have full access to after-school activities at their neighborhood school. Families will need to transport their student to their neighborhood school, but students may ride available activity buses home based on the program at their school.

Will my student receive technology?

A computer will be provided by the school district. Students who currently have a laptop will use that device. Students who are in grades 6-12 may have a Graduation Alliance device and a CPSD device.

Can out-of-district students register for CPSD virtual learning?
Only students residing in Clover Park School District may participate in CPSD virtual learning.