Dress Code

Dress Code

The purpose of the Clover Park School District student dress code is to ensure each student can participate in learning without posing a risk to the health and/or safety of themselves, their peers, or CPSD personnel. Our intention is to honor the economic challenges faced by many of our families, to recognize the value of cultural expression, and to provide a safe and social-emotionally healthy learning environment for all.

In order to facilitate learning for all students, CPSD requires that student dress and appearance:

  • Contributes to a safe learning environment; and
  • Prevents material and substantial disruption of the educational process.

For the purpose of this policy, a material and substantial disruption of the educational process is defined under CPSD
Policy 3220 and 3220-P1 (Freedom of Expression).

Cover the Rectangles

Torso: Clothing must cover stomach, back, chest and undergarments.

“Cover the Rectangles”

Legs: Shorts, skirts and dresses must be longer than mid-thigh. Undergarments must be covered.

Feet: Students must wear footwear that allows quick and safe evacuation under drill and/or emergency circumstances. Activity-specific shoe requirements are permitted (PE, sports) and elementary students will wear safe footwear due to PE/Recess.

Other Guidelines

Head coverings may not obscure the student’s face. Any permissible head attire must allow the face to be visible to staff and must not interfere with the line of sight of any student of staff. Bandanas may be worn as hair accessories. 

Clothing that promotes drugs, alcohol, tobacco, violence, or displays inappropriate/lewd pictures or writing, displays images or language that creates a hostile or intimidating learning environment based on any protected class and apparel identified by local law enforcement as belonging to or identifying oneself as a member of a violent or criminal group, regardless of verifiable affiliation is prohibited.

Jewelry that can pose a safety hazard is prohibited in certain environments (e.g.: hooped earrings in PE/recess).

Instructors may add course specific safety measures (e.g.: closed-toe shoes in science lab environment).

Dress Code Violations

In cases of questionable apparel, the administration reserves the right to make final decisions on appropriateness of all apparel. When it is necessary for staff involvement around a student’s attire, it should be done in a way that preserves student dignity and is least restrictive and disruptive to the student’s school day. The student may: 

  • Remove the item immediately if it is not a primary piece of clothing; and/or
  • Change and return to class.

If the student cannot make the dress code adjustment, the student will be sent to the main office for further assistance. Parents may bring clothes or the office may offer clothing to borrow as resources allow. (If student continues to violate dress code, CPSD discipline progression will follow).