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Dual Creit Information

Many of our CTE classes are eligible for dual credit with a community or technical college. Check with your counselor or instructor for more information.


Important Information

Beginning second semester, students will have an opportunity to earn Adobe Certification in Yearbook, web Design, and Visual Communications.

Arts & Communications

The Arts and Communication Pathway integrates elements
of theater, graphic arts, public relations, music, writing
and visual arts with cultural studies and critical theory.
Students create their own course plan to support their
career goals. The Arts and Communication Pathway brings
out the creativity in students while educating them on the
opportunities that exist in colleges and businesses.

Beginning second semester, students will have an opportunity to earn Adobe Certification in Yearbook, Web Design, and Visual Communications.

Business & Marketing

The Business and Marketing Pathway uses occupationally specific skills and competencies to prepare students to become knowledgeable and ethical decision makers as they fulfill their roles as consumers, workers, citizens, and life-long learners. There are three strands within the Business and Marketing pathway.

Programs of Study


Information Technology

Sales & Marketing


The Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math pathway is for the person who finds it challenging to solve problems and create solutions using knowledge in math, science and through the use of computers. 

This pathway is for DOERS – people who prefer working with things and enjoy action, using tools, machinery and equipment, working with their hands, and seeing results of their work and who often have mechanical ability. 

Health & Human Services

Health and Human Services Pathway involves a wide range of careers that all deal with people.  Students selecting this pathway enjoy working with and helping people.  This pathway is divided into five strands:



Health Service

International Relations

Public Service

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