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See the Summer Acitivies page for information on ROTC activites and events this summer.



JROTC provides students with skills they will use throughout their lifetime. These skills are learned and developed through a combination of classroom curriculum, active student leadership development and applications, and special team participation.  The major thrust of the Lakes Army JROTC is to be active in the communities associated with the Lakes students.

The four year curriculum is nationally accredited and includes learning in Citizenship (skills, choices, belonging and contributing), Leadership (theory, ethics, application), Communications (writing, speaking, briefings), managing conflict, Planning skills,  social responsibility, Healthy lifestyles (diet, exercise, choices),  Geography (ecological considerations, the impact the US has had through its military involvement) and Development of the US (government and policies).  We also use Lions Quest training and the National Endowment for Financial Education materials.

We make use of the structure of an Army Battalion to create leadership and “follower-ship” positions in which the cadets will have to plan and make real impacting decisions on the members over whom they have influence. Additionally, we teach military map reading skills which also reinforce some of the math they are taught in other classes, and Drill and Ceremony which emphasizes discipline.

Our “special teams” consist (currently) of the competitive teams (Color Guards, Armed and unarmed drill teams,  Physical Training, and Marksmanship (.177 Air rifle))  and non competitive teams of Pathfinder, Raider, and CARE (a team that focuses on acts of compassion).

Uniform wear is mandatory one day a week and it has to be worn all day long, not just for the class.

JROTC Mission & Vision

MISSION: The JROTC mission is: To Motivate Young People to be Better Citizens:  The Lakes Instructors modify that to read, “To Inspire Young People to be Better Citizens.”

The Lakes JROTC program also works with FEMA in the National Disaster Medical System” mission at JBLM, supports Pierce county flood response, and sets up an Incident Command System should a problem exist requiring it. (ICS is handed over to the Principals as soon as possible, but the cadets remain as workers).

VISION:  The Lakes Senior Army Instructor has set the following as the vision:

Lakes HS JROTC cadets will become productive citizens by developing a desire to perform necessary and/or required duties without complaint. They will become inspired to learn how to learn and to have a positive influence in the world they are inheriting. They will adopt a “can do” attitude and find pleasure in creating answers to problems and situations.

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