Meet our Administrators

Meet our Administrators: Sheri Warrick

Position: Principal at Idlewild Elementary School

Years in Education: 22

Years at Clover Park: 19

Sheri Warrick began her career as a music teacher in Sunnyside School District before moving to Clover Park High School in 1999. She has served as an assistant principal at Clover Park and principal at Oakbrook Elementary. She is currently in her first year as Idlewild Elementary principal at Idlewild Elementary.   

What initially attracted you to a career in education? 

I love music. That was my passion when I was younger and it really helped me find my identity. It helped me connect to people. Working in education helped me do that, too. First as a music teacher, finding something people loved and could engage with immediately. Eventually, I began to build credibility with my teacher colleagues and it felt good to be in a leadership role. Building relationships with them helped me test my wings as far as that leadership role goes.   

What is the best part about being an Idlewild Falcon? 

I think the best part about being an Idlewild Falcon is all of the IB components. I’m definitely a learner in my IB knowledge, but the idea of really supporting a student holistically as a citizen and as they think about how they can take action in the world to change it for the better is really something I can get on board with.  

How would you describe your leadership style? 

Calm. I believe that my leadership will be impactful when I have a relationship with my staff, my students and my parents. That can only happen one conversation at a time. I will be a stronger leader, naturally, because of that. I always try to stay calm because it doesn’t matter what I think; it only matters what a student needs or a community of students need. 

What’s the best part about your job? 

The best part of my job is talking with kids, being with kids and helping them understand themselves. Typically, I am the tier one response for behavioral support, and helping students understand their feelings is important really big. Then, helping parents partner with teachers and myself so that we can build the right environment is my favorite part.  

What has kept you in Clover Park for nearly 20 years? 

I think what has kept me in Clover Park School District is that they really are on the cutting edge of practice. We just always seem to be on the edge of what is good work. The strategies we use, the type of learning we have our teachers teach, the way we build PLCs into the contracted day. We’re just really trying to show best practice and I really love being a part of that.