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Connor Merrill named March Educator of the Month 

March’s Lakewood Rotary Educator of the Month, Connor Merrill, believes in teaching the three “Ps” to his students: persistence, perseverance and positivity. 

“If you use those in the classroom and model them for the students, they pick up on it,” he said. “If they come across a challenge, don’t give them the answer. Teach them to persist and persevere.” 

Merrill doesn’t allow students to use the word “can’t” in his classroom. He encourages positive thinking, focusing on using phrases like “can do” and “will try.” 

In his second year at Meriwether, Merrill graduated from Central Washington University and spent two years in Highline School District before taking his current position. 

Though he hails from Puyallup, Merrill has a family legacy in Clover Park School District. His parents were children of military families who went to school at Clover Park and Lakes High Schools. He still hears stories about his dad’s time growing up on base. 

Merrill was chosen as educator of the month because of how he connects with his students. 

“His compassion for his students stands out,” said Meriwether principal Leila Davis. “He takes the time to make connections with students and will often spend his lunch or planning time building those relationships to help his students succeed.” 

Merrill was honored at the March 2 Lakewood Rotary meeting.

Meriwether Teacher of the Month Connor Merrill