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Lakeview Hope Academy receives Partnership School Award

Lakeview Hope Academy recently earned a 2017 Partnership School Award from the National Network of Partnerships Schools (NNPS). The award specifically recognizes Lakeview’s Science Technology Engineering and Math (STEM) Family Academy. 

NNPS reviewers praised Lakeview’s STEM Family Academy for good planning, including high school students and having translators to allow more families to actively participate. 

“Lakeview’s Action Team for Partnership listened to what parents said about needing resources and support to help their students in science and from that feedback, created the STEM Academy night,” said Clover Park School District family and community partnership coordinator Holly Bocchi. “Students are the ultimate winners when schools and families partner together.” 

The STEM Family Academy was created to support students participating in the districtwide STEM fair last year by supplying materials to families, providing students with hands-on experience with different aspects of STEM and encouraging collaboration with parents. 

“Teachers facilitated the activities,” said Lakeview teacher Paulie Jacobson, who served on the action team committee. “But the activities were family and student-focused – they were interactive and involved.” 

One of the primary goals of the STEM Family Academy was to bring awareness of science-related activities to students and support students outside the classroom. 

“Over the past few years, we’ve really pushed to get parents involved in our school,” said Lakeview principal Meghan Eakin. “We wanted a program that could support Lakeview’s STEM fair. There was a school wide expectation that everyone did it, and I didn’t want to assume students would be able to take it home and complete it without the necessary support from the school.” 

Lakeview’s Math Family Academy was also praised by the award committee for its use of games to develop computational skills. 

“These events are not done for parents or to parents but with parents’ help and input,” Bocchi said. “We are so proud of the work Lakeview continues to do to engage families in school.”

Lakeview STEM Presentation