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Harrison Prep sophomore asks “What’s your sentence?” 

Harrison Preparatory School sophomore Halla Mannering is trying to make a difference, one sentence at a time. Last summer, Mannering and a friend from Florida started an anti-bullying campaign focused around teaching kids to use words that will uplift and encourage others. 

The What’s Your Sentence Project began when an interaction with another Harrison Prep student last year showed Mannering the power of positive words. Starting with a web and social media presence, Mannering is trying to take the project offline. 

“I started thinking about the importance of a sentence,” Mannering said. “Actions speak loud, but when you get to tangibly show someone how much you care, that inspires an impact and that inspires others to be part of the impact with you.” 

Mannering led a workshop about the project at the Association of Washington Student Leaders Fall Leadership Conference in October. Her workshop was one of 23 at the conference and had 50 attendees over two sessions. 

“She told me she was inspired and wanted to take her message to other students,” Harrison Prep leadership teacher Amy Stapleton said. “I just want to give her all the support and resources I can give her. Her heart is in it and I think she knows what she’s doing and I fully believe in her.” 

Mannering hopes to speak at other schools in the Clover Park School District.

Halla Mannering talks to students at HP