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K-9 officers visit Dower students 

Some Dower Elementary third graders received a visit from a very special guest last week. No, it wasn’t police officer Keith Czuleger they were excited to meet, it was his partner Ranger. Czuleger and Ranger are part of the Lakewood Police Department’s K-9 unit. 

Students asked Czuleger questions about burglaries, prison riots and donuts, but the real fun came at the end, when each student had a chance to pet Ranger. Some gave him a quick pat, afraid to engage for very long, while others lingered, getting as much dog time as they could before returning to their seats. 

It was the fourth year that Christine Jones has invited Czuleger and Ranger to visit her classroom. 

“What’s exciting is that when he comes in, the students get excited talking about their careers,” Jones said. “It’s just a real life experience that a lot of the students don’t typically have access to.” 

Czuleger and Ranger’s visit comes in conjunction with Jones’ students learning about dogs in their regular curriculum.

Student with police dog Ranger