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Bus rider ID system expands districtwide 

Clover Park School District’s (CPSD) transportation department is expanding its student bus rider identification (ID) system to all elementary and middle schools this year. 

The ID system electronically monitors students entering or exiting district school buses. The program was successfully implemented at Park Lodge, Evergreen, Four Heroes and Tillicum elementary schools, Mann Middle School, and Lakeview Hope Academy last spring as a pilot program. 

As the program rolls out, each student at the newly participating schools receive an ID card, called a ZPass, with their photo. School staff provide students with a lanyard or zip tie so ZPasses can be worn around the neck or attached to backpacks. 

Once implemented at each school, all students will need to bring their ZPass with them every day. Whenever a student enters or exits a bus, they scan their card, which submits time and GPS information to the district for real-time monitoring.

“An important part of the new ID system is making sure students bring their pass to school every day,” said CPSD director of transportation Paul Vigil. “Parents and students should put their ID cards in a safe place every day when they come home.” 

This year’s expansion began with phase one when Dower, Hillside, Meriwether and Tyee Park elementary schools and Woodbrook Middle School implemented the program in November. Phases two and three will commence in the second half of the school year and include the remaining elementary and middle schools in the district.

“The new system allows us to monitor where and when a student gets on and off the bus,” Vigil said. “If a student doesn’t go to the correct location or gets on the wrong bus, we can pinpoint it immediately.”

As schools implement the program, they will hold informational meetings for families and staff prior to live implementation.

Student using Zpass