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A Message to Clover Park School District Families and Staff:

In light of recent tragic events that continue to happen across our nation, the questions of “what have we done?” or “what can we do?” to ensure the safety of our students during a time of imminent threat or danger generally come to mind. 

The safety and security of Clover Park School District students, staff and volunteers have always been of utmost importance and our top priority! 

The district regularly updates our comprehensive crisis plan and district administrators coordinate closely with local emergency management officials and law enforcement representatives to monitor and update plans on a consistent basis. 

In addition, our schools have established security measures and training protocols to ensure the well-being of students and staff. Some of these measures include: 

  • Providing visitor check-in procedures; 
  • Locking classroom doors in our schools; 
  • Assessing student threats with common procedures to identify risks; 
  • Proactively working with the Lakewood Police Department to assist us with security at our schools through the School Resource Officer (SRO) program; 
  • Coordinating with police, fire, neighboring school districts and colleges to provide support in emergent situations; and 
  • Maintaining school emergency plans online to allow first responders to tactically resolve a critical situation. 

Keeping students, staff and volunteers safe is an ongoing endeavor and it is vital that school leaders, teachers, students, parent representatives and other community partners continue to review, evaluate and update our security processes to ensure safety across our district at all times. 

More information on safety procedures:




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Debbie LeBeau

Superintendent, Clover Park School District