CPSD increasing security and improving parking lots at schools this summer

Clover Park School District (CPSD) is beginning security improvements and parking lot expansions at a number of its schools this summer. The projects will continue through the 2018-19 school year.

The projects include: 

Safety Enhancement Improvements: Several schools are having their entrances upgraded with enhanced safety equipment and infrastructure. These security improvements include vestibules, digital display monitoring, telecommunication alerts, emergency lock down buttons and access controls. Improvements will be made at Lakes and Clover Park High Schools, Custer, Idlewild, Lakeview, Oakbrook, Park Lodge, Tillicum, Tyee Park, Dower and Lake Louise Elementary Schools. 

Security Fencing and Gates: District staff has coordinated with the City of Lakewood and West Pierce Fire and Rescue to provide new security fencing and security gates at Lochburn Middle School, Custer, Idlewild and Tyee Park Elementary Schools.  Fencing and gate projects are also planned at Tillicum, Lake Louise, Dower and Oakbrook Elementary Schools. 

Parking Lot Improvements and Playground Replacements: Parking lots are being replaced or expanded at Lochburn Middle School, Lake Louise and Idlewild Elementary Schools. At Lake Louise and Idlewild, improvements require replacement of playground equipment displaced by the new parking lots. At Lochburn, the project includes a new sidewalk with pathway lighting from the main parking lot. 

Clover Park High School (CPHS) Pool Renovations: The pool at CPHS is closed this summer as the district resurfaces the lap pool, diving tank and pool deck, replaces deck tile and installs a new diving board. 

Boiler Replacement at CPHS: New boilers will be installed at CPHS. All current boilers have exceeded their life expectancy. 

Roof Replacements: Roofs replacements are scheduled at Custer, Dower, Lake Louise and Idlewild Elementary Schools and a portion of CPHS. 

Districtwide Painting: Stadium seating and concessions areas in Harry Lang Stadium are being repainted. The exteriors of CPHS, Dower, Custer and Oakbrook Elementary Schools will also be painted.