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Middle School Counts events ease transition to high school

“What you do now matters,” said Clover Park High School assistant principal Matthew Fiteny to a group of eight graders at Lochburn Middle School.

That’s the message administrators and counselors from Clover Park and Lakes High School hope eighth grade students and their parents take from Middle School Counts seminars held at Hudtloff, Lochburn, Mann and Woodbrook Middle Schools and Harrison Preparatory School this fall.

Clover Park High School counselor Jennifer Dixon and Fiteny made appearances at the Lochburn Middle School seminar on Nov. 2. Both encouraged students to show up, get involved and reach out to counselors, teachers or administrators to work through issues that might get in the way of their success.

At Hudtloff Middle School on Oct. 27, school counselors Sandra Hughes and Jen Salstrom, Lakes High School counselor Michael Warren and Lakes principal Kären Mauer-Smith spoke to students and parents on topics ranging from athletics, AdvancedPlacement and International Baccalaureate programs to qualifying for college scholarships.

“Middle School Counts supports parents and students by providing the information they need to make the transition to high school successful,” stated Mauer-Smith.

The district currently has three secondary school options: Clover Park High School, Harrison Preparatory School (grades 6-12) and Lakes High School. Students who wish to attend a different district school than the one in their neighborhood must complete an attendance transfer (waiver), a process which counselors reviewed at the seminars.

For more information, visit the Clover Park School District website at or contact the school counselor at each district school.

Middle School Students learn about high school

Fiteny and Dickson meet with eighth grade students at Lochburn Middle School.