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Friendship program helps military students stay connected

Rainier Elementary students have a lot of friends! A friendship program was started at the school to help the students - all of whom are part of military families - stay connected with each other. During lunchtime, students can choose a piece of construction paper and make a cutout of themselves. The students can depict themselves however they want but the design must include a heart.

“We teach them that friendship is from the heart,” said Pamela Raney, Rainier’s military and family life counselor who started the program at the school. “These students move around quite a lot and it’s important for them to feel connected. We’re teaching them what it means to be a friend.”

First-grader Keira St. Clair said being a friend means having fun with each other.

“All of my classmates are friends with each other!”

The cutouts are displayed in the school’s front entrance.


Rainier Elementary students show cutouts they made of themselves for a friendship program.