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Hillside kindergartners benefit from donated books, practice reading skills at home

Hillside Elementary School kindergartners recently received books from Blue Star Families, an organization that supports military families.

“Children in military families on average will attend six to nine schools throughout their academic career,” said Maria Mahoney with Blue Star Families. “One of our goals is to help bring literacy to military children.”

Mahoney read a story to the students, had them work on a craft project and then gave each student a new book. This is part of the organization’s “Books on Bases” program, which donates books to military children, base libraries, Department of Defense schools and military-impacted public schools and libraries. The books are donated to the organization by partners like Disney and Barnes and Noble. Hillside’s military and family life counselor, Elizabeth Grasher, facilitated Mahoney’s visit to Hillside. 

“I would like to thank Blue Star Families for supporting reading at Hillside Elementary,” said Hillside principal David Young. “The students will enjoy reading their new books at home.”

“With all the transitions and changes going on in military students’ lives, sometimes it’s hard for them to get to the library,” said Mahoney. “We want to positively impact the lives of military children through the power of reading.”

Blue Star Families is a national nonprofit organization that leads, connects and supports military families.


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Hillside kindergarten students Rey Duran and Melanie Pichardo in Shasta Christensen’s class are excited to have student teacher Cheri Goble print their names in their new book. The students received the books from Blue Star Families, an organization that supports military families.