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Families to benefit from new online food services payment system

Clover Park School District families can now manage their student’s food services account using the district’s Skyward Family Access - a web-based tool that gives parents access to their student’s school information.  RevTrak - an online payment system - has partnered with Skyward to manage payments. The transition to RevTrak took place from Nov. 17 through mid-December.

RevTrak features:

  • Instant deposits- no more 24 to 48 hour delay;
  • Multiple deposits for students in different schools at one time;
  • Reduced charges for online deposits...saving families money;
  • and Email notifications for low and negative balances.

“This new online payment system is easy to use and more convenient for families,” said Kevin Scott, director of student nutrition services. “Families are using Skyward Family Access to check attendance, class schedules and assignments and grades. Since they’re already familiar with the system, it should be an easy transition that is more streamlined for families. With the addition of RevTrak, Skyward is now a one-stop resource for all student information. ”

Families with questions about the online payment system can call student nutrition services at 253-583-5490.


Lake Louise Elementary second-graders receive their meal during breakfast at the school. The district recently introduced a new online payment system for families to easily manage student food service accounts.