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District to pilot student bus rider identification system

Clover Park School District is considering a school bus rider identification (ID) system that will monitor when students enter or exit district school buses. Evergreen, Park Lodge and Tillicum Elementary Schools and Mann Middle School students are participating in a pilot program testing the proposed system.

The pilot program will be implemented Monday, April 11 through Tuesday, June 14, 2016. Pending the results of the pilot program, district officials will consider a districtwide student identification system.

All Clover Park buses are equipped with systems for global positioning (GPS) and video recording. The bus rider identification system the district is considering is an additional tool to increase student safety and accountability.

Each student will receive an identification card, called a ZPass, with their photo. School staff will provide students with a lanyard or zip tie so ZPasses can be worn around the neck or attached to back packs. All students should bring their ZPass with them every day. Students will scan their ZPass every time they get on and off the bus. The district’s transportation department receives a time and GPS location when the ZPass is scanned. Students must have their pass ready upon entering or exiting the bus.

For more information on the student bus rider identification pilot program, please call the district's transportation department at 253-583-5494.